Beginners Card Counting Guide

Beginners Card Counting Guide

February 28, 2018 Main 0

Before you learn the different card counting strategies I want you to read through this guide, which is packed with information about card counting that all beginners should learn. Card counting hasn’t been around for that long as the first card counting system was released in 1962 by a man named Edward Thorp. Since the first card counting system was released the techniques have been fine-tuned several other similar systems have been developed.

The biggest question that new blackjack players ask me is whether or not counting cards is legal. Although some countries may have laws against this in most countries you’re allowed to count cards “legally”. The reason I put “legally” in quotations is that you can get kicked out of the casino for counting cards, but the casino can’t have you charged with anything. Once you’ve become known as a card counter it may be hard to find action in your local casinos since they all share information with each other, so make sure you hone the skill before trying it out in the casino.

The basic idea behind counting cards in blackjack is to create an advantage for you while playing. Most card counting systems are really simple any competent individual will have no problem the techniques. You’re basically going to be counting every card that is dealt with all the players at the table including the dealer. The way you count cards is by adding +1/-1 in most card counting systems, so as you can see it’s really easy to do.

When the count is high (+) it means that the deck is in your favor you should increase your bets a bit. When the count is low (-) it means there are a lot of low cards in the deck it isn’t a good time to make large bets. You obviously need to be really careful in the amount that you bet because if you make a huge change in betting patterns it’ll definitely set off some warning symbols to the dealer pit boss that you may be counting cards.

There are a few different card counting strategies out there that you should try learning practicing. There are a few popular cards counting systems that I’d recommend learning first, which include the KO Count, Hi/Lo Count, Hi-Opt 1 Count the Hi-Opt 2 Count. All four of these systems are fairly similar will only differ slightly, but they each have their own set of positives negatives, which is why you need to decide what system will work for your game.

Once you learn these four systems try them out you can choose the system you like the best continue practicing with the chosen system. You should play at home or with friends for a while before you try counting cards at the casino. Casinos nowadays all have incredible security cameras are everywhere looking for card counters, so it isn’t something that you can easily get away with, but if successful you can make some good coin.